26 August 2011

Quilting with Cardboard

I'm always looking for new ways to decorate and re-imagine the fabrics I work with, so when I started sewing a bag last week, naturally I tried to find a way to integrate quilting and patchwork into the design.

quilting and patchwork with cardboard
The problem was that while I'm a big fan of patchwork (since it's an effective way to make new textiles out of old) I tend to hesitate about using polyester-stuffed quilting. The great thing about quilting is that it adds body and structure to your textile, but less appealing is the way quilted cotton can look old-fashioned and a little frumpy.

Because I didn't like the puffy and puckered seams of quilts stuffed with polyester batting, I decided to quilt with a different material: thin cardboard. I mass-cut individual tiles with an exacto blade, then slid them into pre-sewn fabric pockets, sealing the pockets as I added more tiles. The result is light, angular, and really quite sleek--it's an effect I like a lot better than the look of standard quilted craft bags, and one I'm hoping to use in more of my projects.

angular quilted seams

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