22 February 2012


New resolution: Every time I catch myself wasting time on the internet (whether I'm reading a vintage sewing article or poring through speculation on The Hobbit: Part 1) I will come over here, to Threaded Dances, and hack together a post. Or at least work on one. Much as I'm doing right now.

I'll still be wasting time, of course, but at least I'll get writing practice - and actual blog posts - out of it. And considering that I'm a chronic time-waster, even if I only follow through on this 1 out of 10 times my posting record will still be an improvement over the last, er, six months.

Also, I just finished a light jacket (yes, a light jacket in February; something's wrong with the weather this year) made of speckled, rough blue wool in herringbone twill, with a patterned cream silk for the lining. Very few pieces in my wardrobe are classy enough to wear with it. I suppose I'll have to fix that, and fast.