20 April 2012

The city I live in

As I explained in my last post, I'm spending my weekdays inside a small office building on the north side of the city. East of this building is a low brick wall, and east of the wall is a square, paved lot, and under that lot and just beyond it runs a long, sweetly winding river.

No, really! It's one of our city's only three rivers, flowing down from the Oak Ridges Moraine into the lake. And, even better, along with the river comes nearly 150 hectares in total of parkland.

Not, of course, that I'm planning to make my way through tens of square kilometers of green space during my lunch break. Never, of course not - but I can't deny that I'm ridiculously excited about so much space to explore. Yesterday afternoon I hopped down to the river and walked a short way up the paved biking and running path, just far enough to see the beginnings of a half dozen hiking trails spinning off it. And then naturally I managed to splatter my trousers with flecks of mud by veering too far off the path. Slight regret there, but I can't wait to walk through the area properly.

I'd link to a picture on the city's website, or reveal the name of the park and river, but despite this blog's relative invisibility I'm too paranoid to do so. I'm not going to reveal my work location, only to then spend the next hour hearing Gert and Bert's 1 voices in my head, chiding me for my thoughtlessness. Hopefully I'll take a few photos on my break next week (which will not be a suspiciously long break at all) and post an image then. In the mean time I'll be working on finishing some more sewing projects.


1. Two cartoon rabbit siblings who hosted a series of child-safety commercials in the 1990s. They were famous for the catchphrase: "I'm Gert! And this is my brother, Bert! Stay Alert! Stay Safe!"

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