27 April 2012

One Shirt, One Week

In other words, here's a new plan to speed up my sewing! Except this one makes use of my blog.

Often, my sewing projects revolve around a single key design feature - usually something that I'm trying to understand, like fitted sleeves or a stand collar. And that's how I want to organize my 'sewing' posts from now on. That is, if I'm making a jacket I'll have a series of posts about, for example, fitted sleeves.

And - here's the thing: I'm not going to post only when I'm finished a project (eg: jacket), but as I'm working on it. That means my posts will go from the concept art all the way to completion. This way I'm hoping I can have a two-in-one sort of schedule, one that dictates the progress of both my sewing and my blogging activities.

So. Here's what I'm going to do over the next seven days:

Day 1 (Yes, that's today, Friday. Should I call it Day 0, just to be classy?)

Post a project outline. This will include:
  1. Split line-drawing of the design, the kind where half shows the front, and half the back.
  2. Sketch of the design as I want it to look when worn.
  3. Approximately 75-100 words summarizing the main design features.
Day 3 (Sunday)

Post the procedure for cutting and adjusting pattern pieces for the garment. This will include:
  1. A basic (100-200 words) explanation of how the main design feature of the garment is achieved.
  2. How to create that design feature by tweaking a store-bought pattern or a sloper.
  3. Pictures of the pattern pieces.
  4. What kind of fabric should be used.
Day 6 (Wednesday)

Post a progress-update. This one will include:
  1. Photos of the garment so far.
  2. Minor problems that I discovered while sewing and how to fix them. (After all, these are original designs that I make up partly as I go along, so there will be problems.)
Day 8 (That's actually next Friday, so the total time is still technically a week. But it doesn't sound as good. I knew I should have numbered from 0.)

Post the completed project.
  1. That is all.
I'll have my Day 1 post up in a few hours. Really!

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