18 April 2012

Suburban office buildings must be real special...

office worker on coffee break cartoon
...if the people working in them can't bear to step outside for lunch even on a bright spring day.

Scarfing down food and soaking up sun on my break, I was pretty focused on my desire to fight rickets (and other diseases caused by vitamin deficiency). But even so it was hard to ignore the lack of people on the building's very large patio & "garden" -- or more specifically, the lack of people who stayed out. After all, every ten minutes or so somebody would slip out from the revolving door, phone or cigarette in hand, and spend a few minutes pacing through the building's shadows. And of course as soon as their bit of indulgence was over, they'd slink right back inside.

office workers in shadow cartoon
These observations are a little unfair of me, I suppose, seeing as it was moderately chilly last afternoon. And it's also true that a lot of the building's occupants have probably worked here for several years, at least, so maybe they're done with trying to find charm in the same tired places. But still, I couldn't help but find the whole thing very odd. During school, any chance to be outside in the sun is snatched at greedily, as it should be, and to see everybody so content to stay inside confused me.

I'm actually wondering if I'm missing something here. Is taking proper-length breaks considered a sign of laziness? Is drinking water and juice instead of coffee really that odd? Are there some very good reasons for eating lunch at your desk? I'm not feeling sarcastic as I ask these questions, just a little stupid. It seriously never properly sunk into my head that people actually do this every day, and that there's nothing really unusual or wrong about it. Well, nothing unusually wrong about it, at least.

revolving door cartoon

Next post: The other, real reason (fake-o reason number one being sunlight) I'm so eager to use my breaks as a chance to get outside.

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