02 May 2012

Day 6 - Slash-and-Spread Shirt

(I'm getting a little tired of that title.)

So I haven't quite reached the halfway point on my shirt, but I have finished the front yoke section! That's the part that had all the gathers and folds, the slashed-and-spread panel.

I started off like this:

Then I did this:

And finally ended up with this:

Achievement! (And no, the fabric didn't actually shift through the colour spectrum as I sewed.)

There was one thing that I had to add to the pattern - a facing. Turns out the peach silk wasn't stable enough on its own, so I added a cotton backing (one that was the normal width, not the slashed-and-spread width) to baste the edges onto. Otherwise those gathers and folds would have been impossible to work with.

I'm not sure exactly how I'll get the seams, binding, hemming, and pockets all done in time for Friday, but it will happen!

(Also, I apologise for the lateness and rushed feel of this post. The original entry got deleted by accident.)

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