06 May 2012

Final day! - Slash-and-spread shirt

This shirt is done.

I finally finished off my slash-and-spread shirt last night (about an hour or so after also finishing off several slices of home-made pizza - double satisfaction!) And even though my goal was Friday I'm still pretty proud right now; it's been a while since I designed and completed a sewing project so quickly.

Of course, despite my excellent intentions when it came to this shirt, I changed my design quite a bit. The cyan-coloured sketch above is the original design, but by the time I was done sewing, the pockets had entirely disappeared, along with the band along the bottom and the decorative button.

I decided to change the bottom band to a rolled hem, which emphasises the soft fabric and fluttering looseness of the shirt body:

And I added a cool bit of embroidery along the top edge of the body, just where it meets the yoke:

It was done by hand in backstitch, which is easily my favourite embroidery method, mostly because of how rapidly it works up. (The fact that it looks a lot like machine embroidery helps, too.)

Beyond just looking nice, it also softened the look of the folded vertical lines that spread along the yoke. In terms of colour and line, it served to "blend" the almost-stiff peach section into the soft green body:

I have to admit, when I sketched this shirt last Friday I was just trying to get something down on digital paper. I wasn't aiming very high in terms of design or excitement. But after making all these adjustments I really like how the shirt turned out!

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