23 June 2012

Let me tell you

“It's like — someone comes to dinner. They like the curtains. They like your wife's dress. They like the food. Nice, everything's nice, you're just starting to relax.” He leaned back into the chair. “Then they compliment the dinnerware — almost right when you've left the table, this is — and it turns out they can't even tell between earthen and china. You'd feel — ”


“Not cheated, I'm not going to say that. But, well, what could you call it?”


I like writing, a lot. And as such I have a stash of fiction bits that I've spent time on but that probably won't find their way into a longer work, in large part because they don't match my other writing but also because they're not quite cleaned up. So these posts are  not clutter, I'm not going to say that. But, well, I'm trying to fight my tendency toward hoarding; these are things I need out of my way, for a short while at least. Maybe I'll use them eventually (hopefully!). Until then I'll be posting them one by one on this blog.

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