06 June 2012

Turnback Cuffs Completed

Turnback cuffs are cool. They're so cool that they confer incredible amounts of awesomeness on whoever's wearing them, at least in that person's own head. After putting on my turnback cuff blouse for the first time this morning, I can attest to this fact wholeheartedly.

That's right.

(On second thought, I'm not sure I did look that cool at all, seeing as I spent at least a third of the day gawping at my own wrists.)

This is the completed James Bond cuff, or turnback cuff, that I've been working on for so long:

The folded curve is just as smooth and "organic" as I wanted it to be, and the direction-changing stripes are subtle enough for the turnback effect to be classy but not overbearing.

The blouse itself, made in a light, oxford striped fabric, is really comfortable, and the fitting that I worried so much about is pretty much perfect.

Basically, it's the kind of blouse that I can see myself wearing over and over again until the collar and cuffs begin to fray. I love feeling that way about a self-drafted/made piece of clothing!

The next step, of course, is to make these cuffs again, and to use the technique elsewhere. That much is obvious, but the question is where? Collars are pretty much turned back already, so there's no room for adjustment in that area.

So I'm thinking, what about turned back pants cuffs instead?

Turned back waistbands?

Turned back pant cuffs and turned back shirt-cuffs and a turned back shirt hem all in the same outfit? 

Yeah, I think that'll work out no problem.


  1. Your cuffs look amazing. You really like the details of sewing, eh? I love the fabric of that shirt too. And I laughed when you said you spent so much time gawking at your own wrists. I think that's a hazard of sewing. I do the same thing - I'll be staring at a hem I tried all day at work, trying to gauge if it looks right or not.

    1. ps - why isn't there a link to follow your blog. It's fantastic, btw.

    2. Thanks so much, Nothy! And isn't that fabric wonderful? I've still got about a meter left and I want to use it as soon as possible, just because the material's so light and perfect for summer.

      (Also, I've added a link to follow the blog now - thanks :) )