19 July 2012

Shirt Alert

(What, where? Who's rhyming?)

Too lazy to do a proper sketch

I've drafted and cut the pieces for a short-sleeved hooded jacket made in a light blue chambray, and am now working up the will to just get on and sew it. I don't usually hesitate over clothes like this, only I'm not sure this shirt is really my style. I mean there's a hood that I like (I like hoods), but that's about it -- which is a little silly since I designed the shirt.

The issue here is more to do with the print:

13 July 2012

It's like --

-- you time your walks around the office building by how fast your desktop screen blacks out.

It's like -- you have "planned walks" around the building in the first place.

08 July 2012

How to do Turned-Edge Applique by Hand

Quick, quick, what's the common link here?

turned edge applique by hand

Well, other than the preoccupation with eating, I should have specified. And yes, there really is a connection between them that has nothing to do with fruit or ice cream!

A close-up might help:

turned edge applique by hand