19 July 2012

Shirt Alert

(What, where? Who's rhyming?)

Too lazy to do a proper sketch

I've drafted and cut the pieces for a short-sleeved hooded jacket made in a light blue chambray, and am now working up the will to just get on and sew it. I don't usually hesitate over clothes like this, only I'm not sure this shirt is really my style. I mean there's a hood that I like (I like hoods), but that's about it -- which is a little silly since I designed the shirt.

The issue here is more to do with the print:

I had originally imagined a light blue, throwback-to-the-nineties kind of denim, but somehow my fabric went from cool, and slouchy, and faded to having cute flowers printed on it. What happened here? I nearly always do tough guy clothes, thanks, so why did I think this would be a good fabric for me? And it has a border print that's even more floral:

I mean, it's a nice print. I know that. And I've even tried to use the border print "creatively", by making one front panel in it and the other in the regular print...

...which actually makes it quite a bit better, I admit. It looks kind of fun now, and maybe even a little funky. And the fact that it looks like I've cut up somebody's bandana can only be a plus. Right?

(I'm definitely not the only one who's iffy about florals. Andrea of foursquarewalls has just posted about a floral wrap dress and her take on flowery prints. She also has some very interesting prints on display there, and by interesting I mean pretty fantastic.)

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