27 August 2012

33 Variations on a Pizza...sort of.

I've been working on a personal project for several weeks now, which is why I've barely posted anything this last half of summer -- the project took me until this morning to finally wrap up. It's not something sewing related, nor is it something I can take pictures of (let's play 20 questions, come on now!) but maybe in the future I'll post more about it.

A real master of suspense, I am.

Anyway, I didn't run straight to my sewing machine as I was finishing up The Project, but I did find time to do a little baking.

It's a vague approximation of pizza, since I had no cheese on hand, and ditto for mushrooms, bell peppers, and ground beef. What I did have were tomatoes, lots of them, and the ingredients for pizza sauce. And a starter-based baguette dough.

I'd originally planned to make 3 baguettes out of the dough but, like at most places, at our house pizza trumps all other forms of bread. At a given time I'll be kneading some dough for burger buns or a tomato-stuffed white bread, when someone will pass by the counter and see the metal bowl.

"Oh, is that pizza you're making?" they'll ask, just a little too loudly. And then a call from one of the bedrooms -- "Pizza?" -- followed by a cry of "Pizza!" from the balcony, and then another from somewhere near the storage room.

"Pizza, pizza, pizza," comes a small voice from under the floorboards.

07 August 2012

The Skirt's Progress

Or: Sewing and art and why drawing is The Solution

About a week or so ago, I decided I needed a full-length skirt. This was partly because I'd wanted to sew a skirt for a long time, and had nobody to sew one for (my sister wears them, but she's more than capable of sewing her own skirts) and partly because I suspected that they were super easy and convenient to dress in. The problem was, of course, that any skirt I'd really want to wear would have to look like this:

fashion drawing and sketch of pants

Yes, I know those are pants.

But I can admire nice things even if they're not my style, and in the last while I'd seen pleats and gores and button-down panels all over the place, in blog photos and real life, so I finally decided to take the plunge, if you will. Only to clamber backwards on the ledge almost right away. (I like dragging out questionable metaphors to their slow and painful deaths. And mixing metaphors, too, but only sometimes.)

See, I'm so used to self-drafting by now that I barely hesitate at doing up a design for trousers or a blouse or a new jacket. But as I was exclaiming about my great skirt plans to my sister, she calmly suggested that I slow down a bit before planning out elaborate, voluminous, complicated designs, seeing as I never wear skirts, ever. Full of good advice, she is.

I've said before that knowing how things work is half the reason I sew. Putting pieces together is satisfying, but loses a lot of its appeal if I don't know why I'm doing what I'm doing, why pieces fit together or drape the way they do.