04 September 2012

Organize Your Magazines With 9 Easy Lines of Stitching

What, didn't you know I was a spambot?

My sister's back in town, books and luggage (but mostly books) in tow, which means for the last while we've been re-organizing the home to fit everything. This is a good thing, since we're suddenly finding our place is sunnier than we thought, the walls smoother and emptier and whiter, and the furniture not nearly as plain.


But I have to admit that when it comes to moving things around in creative ways I don't always see the appeal, and unlike my sister I don't have any talent for it either (books, again; why can't we leave them stacked in a pile?). So my sister hit on a solution that would both make me feel useful and take some strain off the desk and bookshelf in our room, which was for me to sew a hanger for magazines, notebooks, and folders:

how to make a magazine holder
My old easel doubles as a modelling rack

It's a simple two-pocket design with a handle, but since it's completely lined, with each pocket a roomy 10.5" square, it can hold quite a bit of junk.

Plus, as I mentioned in the title, it's very easy to sew.


Note: The lengths given below are the lengths you'll need cut if you're buying the fabric specifically for this project, but the hanger won't actually use all of that fabric. I used leftover cloth pieces for this, which I think is best.

  • 3/4 meters (or about 2 1/2 feet) of a firm, closewoven fabric - quilter's cotton, chambray, twill, cordoruoy, etc. This will be the main fabric.
  • 3/8 meters (or about 1 1/2 feet) of a light fabric. This will be the lining fabric.
  • 1 bamboo stick or thin wooden dowel
  • thread