07 October 2012

Eleven! This is something new.

A couple weeks ago I tried to write an omnibus post involving recent happenings, my patchwork tutorial, an update on my skirt, and a(nother) look at pants. Needless to say, that never happened. Instead I offer you this quick post, typed out in one go and full of exciting things (at least to me)!

So, a few things have happened since I was last on here. For one thing, the fall term at school started. The past ten sixteen twenty-five days have been hectic. Then a few days later Nothy Lane of A Question for the Teacher passed on the Liebster award to me -- thanks, Nothy! (And sorry for taking so long to get to it!) Nothy had been awarded it for A Question for the Teacher, where she discusses education and posts great reading lists, but I'd recommend you also check out Aft Agley, her incredibly informative and detailed sewing blog.

Finally, I've been signed on for an on-campus writing and blogging job, and I've been transitioning between workplaces. It's my first writing writing job, so I'm pretty excited -- I guess I'm seeing it as proof that jobs for English specialists do, sort of, kind of, exist. Maybe. Ha, ha.

Okay, the Liebster.

The Rules
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