12 December 2012

Twirling your blue skirts

Hello out there!

So way back in August I mentioned my plans to sew up a skirt. Since I never actually wear skirts and since I generally prefer pants (yes, I know. these are fantastic reasons for making a skirt) I figured that my future skirt would be a no-frills kind of deal. You know, neutral or cool colours, clean and crisp lines, and a sensible twill fabric.

Something like this, maybe, except more pared-down:

Instead I ended up cutting skirt pieces out of peach satin of all things--peach satin with a vaguely floral jacquard pattern, what's more. I'm not sure what happened.

Thankfully, unlike my last attempt at florals, I like what I've worked on so far. And really, by my standards, I've been going all out on this project.