27 April 2013

My me-made-May pledge, or: Every outfit is a (detective) story

Update, early May—If you've been following this, then you know that my camera broke last week, and as such the second part (the mystery series that I was so excited about) is not going to work, unfortunately. Tried to fix the camera but it didn't work, so right now I'm trying to figure out how to blog about sewing without a camera. I'll figure something out!

So first things first:

I, Meraj of Threaded Dances, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '13. I endeavour to wear one self-made garment or piece each day for the duration of May 2013, and to post an outfit photo on the Wednesday and Friday of every week.

Furthermore, for these photos, whenever possible, I will plan and photograph my outfit to intentionally disguise the identity of the self-made item.

The item  will be as a snake in the grass, a chameleon among the leaves, a purloined letter hiding in plain sight.

(Ignore my penchant for melodrama and simile mixing, please and thanks.)

Really, though: a purloined letter...hidden in plain sight...some of you can guess where this is going, right? Basically, my plan is to have the daily self-made garment "hidden" among all my ready-to-wear clothing, so that the whole outfit will be constructed like a puzzle or a mystery. "It was Meraj in the pantry with the self-made belt", you know?

My sister suggested the idea—and even a name: Me-Made-Maybe (yes!)—when we were talking about the pledge, and the idea kind of stuck in my head (thanks :D!). After getting in touch with Zoe of 'So Zo...: What do you know?' to run it by her, I started some serious planning.

I think I have just enough unblogged or long-ago-blogged handmade and RTW pieces to keep the puzzles fresh for all ten rounds, and hopefully enough variety in the handmade items, too. Not being an expert seamster by any means, though, I'll also try to disguise the homemade-ness of the secret garment through photography, etc. In other words, these won't be outfit posts so much as exercises in subterfuge and wiliness.

James Bond or Maxwell Smart?

Finally, I'm doing this mostly for myself, because (a) I just finished school but still want literary-ish fun, dammit, (b) I like puzzles and would like to make some, however clumsily, and (c) this will probably be the only way I can get myself to plan proper outfits...but if you'd like to guess the identity of the self-made garment—pick it out of the police line-up, if you will—I'll be super excited.

The game is afoot.

Or will be, come Wednesday.


  1. This. is. brilliant. I cannot wait to play Nora Charles.

    Your sister sounds awesome, by the way.

    1. Thanks! I'm planning to cram this blog with detective story references in the next month, so get your Hammett ready.

      (Also, she is :))

  2. What a cool way to participate in MMM - I'll be keepign my eyes on this space. Thanks for your visit to my blog yesterday. I see from your profile that you are from Toronto. After a ten month long sabbatical in B.C. my husband and I are making our way back to T.O. That's why I'll be skipping MMM, but what better way to see the country than on the road?

    1. So true! Well, actually, I've never done anything like it but I imagine it must be fantastic. Definitely worth missing MMM for.

      And thanks! I'm a little nervous about the first post tomorrow, but I'll see how it goes.