14 April 2013

Why don't I live in Portland?

That's Portland, Oregon, in America. If I did, I'd at least be able to apply for the new position that's just been created at Colette Patterns. Yes, that's right: as of now, Colette Patterns is looking for a Summer Intern Blog Editor!

Of course, my style doesn't have a lot in common with Colette Patterns' vintage-inspired aesthetic, so even if I lived in Oregon I wouldn't be a good match for this position anyway, but I still think this is really cool news.

First, because in terms of 'business' blogs, Coletterie really is a good one. It's regularly updated, informative, and has some very interesting series—like I said, I don't even like most vintage styles, but I'm super excited whenever I see a new post in the "Detail Inspiration" series. Running a 'business' blog definitely has its own challenges (I manage a blog for an administrative office at my university) so getting to help with a blog that's as great as Coletterie is—well, it sounds pretty exciting.

Second, (and fair warning: I'm going to bring up the touchy topic of money here) I think it's nice that the position is paid. I think I understand that businesses can't always afford to pay interns, but as someone who hasn't quite finished university yet—and is therefore surrounded by internship horror stories—I have to admit that I've got mad respect when a small business owner decides to make intern compensation a priority.

Best of luck to whoever wants to apply! (And lives in Portland!)


  1. Would that we all lived in Portland! I am actually considering applying, just to have an excuse to spend the summer on the west coast. Alas, it looks like I'll be at school this summer.

    You're right about the internship deal. It's so rare that a company actually values interns and gives them real, consequential work to do. The fact is, they're more often than not lackeys rather than apprentices, or they replace what should be a salaried position. Not good.

    1. Haha, these are incendiary opinions indeed, Charlotte! Next you'll want max 8-hour workdays or decent benefits for employees or something else crazy and unthinkable.

      Wait, actually, you're doing an internship, aren't you? Hope yours is a good one!