29 May 2013

Camera-less blogging. Also, what's up with these in-seam pockets?

So, me-made-maybe ended up being almost entirely derailed by my abysmal camera skills—or, in other words, by me breaking my old, faithful Sony Cybershot. (Can you top that in terms of photography failures? No, no I don't think you can.)

I just really like this photo

It was also derailed, I'll admit, by the not-exactly-surprising discovery that I really dislike standing in front of a camera and/or posting photos of myself online (my facebook photo for three years has been an applique of a dancing fruit, no I'm not a crazy axe-murderer, I promise) ...but it was mostly the fault of the broken camera.

Now I'm stuck trying to blog without taking photographs, which is just a little disappointing because, with my last year of school finally out of the way, I've actually had time to work on things. Namely, a couple iterations of Simplicity's Amazing Fit 2339, one in linen (yay linen!) and one in a silky white fabric. You'll have to take my word for it that I've been sewing?

2339: Boo to having to rely on online images

(Neither of my versions had the front ruffles, by the way. Just thought I'd get that out there.)

Actually, though, as much as I like the fit of my 2339 blouse, I'm not sure I'm totally behind the Amazing Fit series. On the one hand, the designs are nice and not too simplified, they fill the "well-fitted staples" niche that I think the designers were going for, and the instructions include a few really neat construction tricks. On the other hand, though, there are some pretty weird design choices.

Case in point, the pockets on this jacket pattern:

Maybe you can't tell what I mean from this photo—I didn't notice, after all, until after I'd bought the pattern. Here's a closer view:

...Is it a pocket with a flap? No! ...Is it a pocket inside a seam? No! ...It's—a vertical inseam pocket RIGHT UNDERNEATH a fake-pocket flap!

All caps and exclamation marks are not at all my thing, by the way, so I hope you understand how flabbergasted (there is no other word for it) I was when I saw this. I'm fine with fake pocket flaps and I'm fine with inseam pockets, but together? I just don't understand.

Maybe the pocket flaps are there to mess with the heads of the people around you when you're in public—people who will, after all, be surreptitiously watching you because of your classy jacket.

They watch as you lean casually against a fence or a wall, relaxing in your sweet blazer...

...They watch as, after a while, you decide to raise the cool factor and put your hands in your blazer pockets...

...They watch as you lift the pocket flaps, they watch as you start to slip your hands into the welt pocket under the flap ... They watch as—WAIT ...

...You slip your hands into inseam pockets instead!

Ain't no welt pockets here.


PS: On a completely unrelated note, the me-made garment in my last post was the brown/tan jacket. Thanks to those who guessed here and on flickr!


  1. I DEMAND!!! that these stick figures get an AWESOME SEWING WEBCOMIC of their own.

    1. I would like to draw them more regularly! Though I will try to resist the temptation to add sunglasses and a swaggering pose *every single time*. (You know what I mean )

    2. Add the sunglass and swaggering pose every single time!! I love them all!

      What's with the stupidity of inseam pocket under that flap???

    3. Haha thanks! I'm glad somebody likes them as much as I do xD

  2. hahaha nice! You should totally keep up practice on the drawing.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, now that I'm camera-less I think I'll be pulling my tablet out more often...