01 May 2013

Me-Made-Maybe Round 1

Today, as I worked to fulfill my Me Made May pledge, I was schooled in the fine art of self photography. Or wait, that's not quite right. Today, I got schooled by my own camera as I tried to take self photos, is more like it.

My morning attempts, in no particular order:

In the end I asked my mother to take the photos for me (yes! MMM as a family project?) ...and managed to keep both my eyes open for about a quarter of the shots. In my defense, it was very sunny outside.

The photos, of course, were for the second part of my Me-Made-May pledge: For these [outfit] photos I will plan and photograph my outfit to intentionally disguise the identity of the self-made item. The item will be as a snake in the grass, a chameleon among the leaves, a purloined letter hiding in plain sight.

So: which part of today's outfit is self-made? If you're guessing, then for today's self-made item you'll have to do with the outfit photo alone, but I've got "clues" ready for all the other rounds.

I should probably also note that the self-made item is visible, it's not my shoes, and it's not my glasses. And for today, that's all I'll tell you.

NOT winking

That's right, come at me.

With deductions.


  1. Okay I guess the floral shirt - which is a great colour of purple and the scarf.

    BTW, Make sure you enter my give-away on my blog....

  2. I'm also going to guess the lovely flower blouse. As for the camera issues, I feel your pain. It takes me forever to get decent self portraits for the blog - my least favourite part of blogging!

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