03 May 2013

Me-Made-Maybe Round 2

First of all, thank you to those who made deductions in Round 1 of Me-Made-Maybe, here and in the Flickr group! I had a really fun time seeing your guesses. And maybe now you're wondering about the puzzle: did you guys get it right? Which one was the self-made item?

The Big Reveal: It was...the grey shirt! Collared, cuffed, made in linen and worn open, it's actually a favourite of mine. The bright floral top was a bit of a red herring, I'll admit, but it's so nice I kind of wish I'd made it.

Round Two
Again, anything's game except for my shoes, my glasses, and any clothing that you can't see at all. Before you start, though, I've added a clue to this round, if you'd like to use it. Just click on the word "CLUE" below, and the clue-card will reveal itself.

CLUE (go on and click!)

And here is the outfit photo:
That's a playground, yes.

Go ahead and guess—and please let me know how you found the "clue"!

PS: There's only one outfit photo this time because, well, it was really windy out and I wasn't using the mini-tripod, so...my camera fell twice and the second time, the lens got stuck. (Yeah. Self-photos are not working out for me too well—but at least I have a whole month to get better at them, haha.)

The camera's 6 years old—it was my first "big" purchase in high school—and I'm sentimental about it so I'm going to muck around and try to get it working.

In the mean time, though, here's a photo to cheer you (and/or me) up:

It's from the first time my camera fell (I don't know why I didn't just stop shooting at this point). The timer went off just after it landed on the ground and I came over to look. Doesn't it look like those scenes in movies, when the camera takes the point of view of someone who's just fainted, and then blinks up at the crowd around them? This is what my camera woke up to, post-faint.


  1. Go for it! Your photos are amazing.

  2. I love the photos and the clue....both Father Brown and Encyclopedia Brown would guess in a second, eh? I'm thinking it has to be the tan buttondown (and if you made that - way to go! That's the next project on my learning curve....)...

    1. Yes, yes it is the tan piece! Your clue-solving made me very happy x).

  3. Oh yeah, this is late, but I just wanted to say that Encyclopedia Brown and Father Brown having the same last name was something I had never thought about, but is actually pretty cool to think about. (I'm just making excuses to read those old stories again, right?)