14 July 2013

Spool O'Thread

spool of thread drawing

I have this bad habit of storing needles by sticking them into spools of thread, instead of a needlebook.

hands and spool of  thread

As with a lot of my bad habits, I started it because I was lazy. Unlike a lot of my bad habits, I continued it...

drawing a needle sword

...because it means I get to pretend I'm unsheathing a sword (alternatively: pulling a sword from a stone) like, every time I go to hand sew something.

Of course, a sewing needle's a little small for me to wield as a pseudo-sword, not to mention that it rests in a spool of thread on the table instead of a sheath by my hip. It occurred to me, while drawing the above needle-unsheathing-scene, that there are far better—ahem—candidates, for wielding a needle-sword.

That is my only excuse for the following bit of ridiculousness.

spool of thread needle sword comic

what are you looking at

Not a very polite swords-spool, but I think that's all right.

04 July 2013

Everybody wants a magenta quilt.

Actually, what they (I) really want is for an imaginary magenta quilt to float behind them (me), impossibly large and strategically faded, while they (I) sew in mid-air. But that's not going to happen outside of their (my) daydreams.

This is all to say, I made another drawing:

sewing cartoon, anthony kiedis

Tiled background! Colours straight out of 2003! A sewist who looks like they're spinning tunes at the machine! All my favourite things are here, obviously.

Though sometimes I do wonder just how much my personal aesthetic has been shaped by listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers during most of high school.

(Also, I have a sudden, terrible suspicion that that is Anthony Kiedis--circa 2006--hiding behind the sewing machine. What have I done.)

That drawing was actually originally part of a quick sketch/comic I did earlier this week, but then I got all intense and started adding things like colour and hair and the magenta patchwork quilt. The sketch was pretty basic, went like this:

sewing cartoon

I was originally going to add a(n ironic!) caption like "Need for Speed" or "Fast and Furious", just for kicks, but I decided that the internet doesn't need any more of that kind of thing. Anyway, this blog has too much subtlety and class for trashy font overlays, right?


(Anthony Kiedis I see you there.)