04 July 2013

Everybody wants a magenta quilt.

Actually, what they (I) really want is for an imaginary magenta quilt to float behind them (me), impossibly large and strategically faded, while they (I) sew in mid-air. But that's not going to happen outside of their (my) daydreams.

This is all to say, I made another drawing:

sewing cartoon, anthony kiedis

Tiled background! Colours straight out of 2003! A sewist who looks like they're spinning tunes at the machine! All my favourite things are here, obviously.

Though sometimes I do wonder just how much my personal aesthetic has been shaped by listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers during most of high school.

(Also, I have a sudden, terrible suspicion that that is Anthony Kiedis--circa 2006--hiding behind the sewing machine. What have I done.)

That drawing was actually originally part of a quick sketch/comic I did earlier this week, but then I got all intense and started adding things like colour and hair and the magenta patchwork quilt. The sketch was pretty basic, went like this:

sewing cartoon

I was originally going to add a(n ironic!) caption like "Need for Speed" or "Fast and Furious", just for kicks, but I decided that the internet doesn't need any more of that kind of thing. Anyway, this blog has too much subtlety and class for trashy font overlays, right?


(Anthony Kiedis I see you there.)


  1. That is actually Anthony Kiedis, you are right. Randomly, one of my French teachers in high school's husband (Jack Sherman) was in the RHCP. You are currently three degrees from Kiedis, is what I'm saying.

    I'm liking this photoless blogging, though I understand you must be frustrated on that end!

    1. What! Too cool! My inner 15-year-old is completely ecstatic at that information.

      Also, thanks! I actually kind of like this better than taking photos of my sewing projects (and definitely better than taking photos of myself, ugh), especially since I rarely made time for drawing when I was still in uni. Besides, I'm just not very creative with a camera; doodling is waaay more my thing.

  2. Now that you mention it, that does look like Anthony Kiedis. I love the sketch!

    1. It really does, doesn't it? (and thanks!)