28 April 2014

Why should I let the toad work squat on my life?

Update (12/14)It's time to do something I should have done a long, long time ago.

(Now isn't that dramatic.)

As you've probably noticed, since the untimely demise of my old camera last year this blog has drifted away from sewing into cartoon work and editorials. I mean, I'm not complaining, and neither, I think, are you. As the saying goes, you came for the sewing, you stayed for the...thoughtful opinions. And maybe the ridiculous doodles. And, quite possibly, for that drawing of Anthony Kiedis hiding behind a sewing machine.

But the thing is, Blogger's system isn't really a convenient way for me to post my drawings stuff, and the url of this blog stopped being a good match for me quite a while ago. From now on I'll be posting my doodles and drawings—as well as a whole lotta books and literature goodness—over at my new tumblr blog, Those are writing words! It's more of a personal blog (which means more rambling) and because of my other writing projects I think it'll take me a while to get it off the ground, readership-wise. But do check it out. There will be art.

(Actually there is art, already. Go on and click!)

And, just fyi, I'll be keeping this blog up and monitoring it if you want to keep using the tutorials, sending comments, or getting in touch. I just wanted to officially let you know that whatever I'm working on is being posted to a new space. Carry on!

Hello! I have a new drawing for you.

Regretful toad cartoon - What did I agree to? What have I done

And by “you” I mean those of you who like drawings and don't mind the absence of recent sewing project photos. What can I say? What explanation can I give for it? None that will satisfy, so here, have some updates instead.

  • I've been feeling busy and harried but—despite what the drawing above tells you—I am not seriously regretting any major life decisions. That picture was drawn out of the horrified certainty that I would one day embody the kind of life Philip Larkin writes about in "Toads" and "Toads Revisited", but thankfully the worry has passed. Also, if you take Larkin's word for it (I'm not sure I do), being a toad isn't so bad. (Yes, the title of this post is from "Toads". Go on, click the link.)
  • I have been doing a little sewing, some writing, have been preparing to move and have also been sick in very particular, painful ways, on and off, for about three months now.
  • Other than that, I'm looking forward to the summer. I have an evening writing class starting up in May, I'm moving soon, and I've got some appointments scheduled soon (again), and hope that will help with being sick.

Also, I'm super excited about the Textile Museum of Canada's sale at the end of May—I haven't bought any fabric since last summer because of fair-trade sourcing concerns, so I hope I get to find some really nice vintage and old fabric at the sale. I might even do a proper post/email letting sewing people know about it (or doing a meet-up type thing!) but there's still time for that.

There is so much time!

I think that picture should be my new signature. What can I say? I'm excited about the summer.